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cafe menu

Tvaiks menu changes based on seasonal ingredients and what’s available in Riga’s markets. Our café offers honest ”comfort food” food, made from scratch served in a laid back and friendly environment, ideal for small groups, business lunches, and even the solo diner looking for a bite to eat and the company of a good book.

soup / salad

Parsnip, cauliflower and coconut cream soup, salted peanut cookies, basil oil 4.90Eur White bean, bacon, kale and pasta soup, sun dried tomato and parmesan cheese *(vegetarian option available) 5.30Eur Roast yellow and red beets, butternut squash, pommegranate, hazel nuts, Grana Padano, date and tangerine vinaigrette 4.80 Eur

main course

Ox tail Bourguignon, wild broccoli, creamy polenta with sage butter and garlic toast 8.90 Eur Pasta with tiger prawns, curried pumpkin puree, chili, roast cauliflower, eggplant, sun dried tomato 11.50 Eur Latvian lamb dumplings in broth with sour cream 4.70 Eur

burgeri / sviestmaizes

Lamb burger with tomato fennel chutney, nettle cheese and horseradish remoulade, home fries* 7.50Eur / *8.00Eur Latvian beef burger, red cheddar, roast tomato, pickled onions, Sriracha aioli, home fries* 8.00 Eur Pumpkin and summer squash sandwich, cheddar cheese, roast tomato, balsamic syrup, toasted almonds 6.50 Eur


Baked apple, honey and turnip ice cream, salted caramel - whiskey sauce 5.20 Eur The big chocolate and cranberry cookie 1.50 Eur


Sweet potato fries with Sriracha mayo* 4.80 Eur Home fries with ketchup* 2.80 Eur Toasted form bread, smoked paprika hummus, mozarella, roast tomato, eggplant and salsa verde 3.20 Eur Toasted garlic bread* 1.90 Eur *Extra mayonnaise, sour cream or ketchup: 0.80Eur
Extra bread: 0.70Eur
*For groups over 8 people 10% service fee is applied
*For allergen information, please ask our chefs who are happy to help you!


Lielbāta still water (0.33l) 1.50 Eur
Lielbāta still water (0.7l) 2.10 Eur
Chamomile 1.10 Eur
Peppermint 1.10 Eur
Green 1.10 Eur
Black 1.10 Eur
Roiboss 1.10 Eur
Espresso 1.90 Eur
Black offee / with milk 1.90Eur / 2.10Eur
Cappuchino, Latte 2.90 Eur
Apple (0.2l) 1.20 Eur
Orange (0.2l) 1.20 Eur
Red grape (0.2l) 1.20 Eur
Tomato (0.2l) 1.20 Eur
Carrot (small/big) 1.40Eur / 3.00Eur
Orange (small/big) 2.80Eur / 5.60Eur
Grapefruit (small/big) 2.80Eur / 5.60Eur
Cola (0.33l) 1.80 Eur
Fanta (0.33l) 1.80 Eur
Sprite (0.33l) 1.80 Eur
Kvass (0.5l) 1.80 Eur
Valmiermuiža tap beer 0.3l / 0.5l 2.00Eur / 2.80Eur
Becks 0.3l 1.80 Eur
Celis White Belgian beer 0.225l 1.50 Eur
Becks 0.3l 1.50 Eur
"Braun" red wine 150cl 2.50 Eur
"Braun" white wine 150cl 2.50 Eur
Vodka 50cl 2.00 Eur
Riga black Balsam 50cl 2.00 Eur
Rum 2.00 Eur
Whiskey 50cl 2.50 Eur
Top shelf whiskey (ask waiter) 50cl 6.00 Eur
Cognac 50cl 5.50 Eur